In a Linux/AMD64 or Windows 64 environment

Standalone executables for 64-bit Linux and Windows are available, located in pyinstaller_build/plaforms. These executables bundle python so you don’t need to have python installed on your machine. They also bundle all optional library dependencies so you can fetch secrets from AWS Secrets Manager and extract them with jsonpath-ng, for example.

On a debian buster machine, the following packages (with known supported versions) must be installed:


See the example Dockerfile for a known working environment.

Special thanks to PyInstaller, wine, and PyInstaller Docker Images for making this possible!

When python is available

The package is published on PyPI and can be installed with pip (or any equivalent):

pip install cloudreactor-procwrapper

Fetching secrets from AWS Secrets Manager requires that boto3 is available to import in your python environment.

JSON Path transformation of environment variables requires that jsonpath-ng be available to import in your python environment.

You can get the tested versions of both dependencies in (suitable for use by or the resolved requirements in proc_wrapper-requirements.txt.